In the third game of the 1985-86 season against the Golden State Warriors & his second season, Michael Jordan broke the navicular bone in his left foot. When they found the break in a CAT scan; he was so shocked, he went home cried. His parents had to come up from North Carolina to comfort him.

Jordan convinced the doctor to give him a removable splint instead of another cast, as Jordan went back to NC to take a class & speed up the rehab process.

On February 21, he was back Chicago for an evaluation. But Krause & Reinsdorf still didn’t want to play. Jordan, Krause, Reinsdorf, and doctors even had a late-night meeting over speaker phone; but none said it safe for Jordan to play.

So Jordan went to North Carolina & played anyway. Shots baskets, played light one-on-one, then two-on-two, eventually full-court. Within four weeks, he played himself back into shape & no knew about it.

Jordan came back to the doctors and them with his results, his left leg became stronger than his right. So Jordan, Krause, Reinsdorf, & the doctors had another meeting. The doctors told there would be a 10% chance of him breaking his left again, which Krause & Reinsdorf wanted to hear. They wanted the Bulls to lose games, so they could get a better pick. That didn’t sit right with Jordan & he called them out on it, which hit a nerve with Krause & the whole argument began.

Fast forward to later, Krause & Reinsdorf made it to where Jordan could practice two hours & play only play seven minutes in the games. What? One night, the Bulls was playing against the Pacers with 31 seconds left on the clock & down by a point. Reinsdorf & Krause ordered head coach Stan Albeck to take Jordan out of the game immediately or he would be fired. Albeck had no choice, fans yelled at him for doing so. Fortunately, John Paxson hit a buzzer beater. Jordan sat at the end of the bench and furious, this began Jordan’s long time feud with the Bulls upper management (Krause & Reinsdorf).